April 6th – The Lost Treasures of St Sidwell’s Crowdfunder Launch

On April 6th we’ll be launching our Crowdfunder appeal to raise money for The Lost Treasures of St Sidwell’s, depicting St Sidwella, Exeter’s patron saint

After St Sidwell’s Church was bombed on May 4th 1942 during the Exeter Blitz, its unique and beautiful stained glass windows were rescued, put into storage and forgotten about until their recent rediscovery. Two statues, of St Sidwella and St Boniface, by world renowned Victorian sculptor Harry Hems, also survived the Blitz but, until recently, lay forgotten in our grounds.  We want to restore these lost treasures, and put them on display at St Sidwell’s Community Centre where they can be enjoyed by everybody. We aim to raise £5000 of the £8000 needed for restoration through a Crowdfunding appeal that will be launched on April 4th.

We hope that by the 75th anniversary of the Exeter Blitz on May 4th we’ll be remembering the Blitz and also celebrating reaching our Crowdfunder target of £5000 to restore the Lost Treasures of St Sidwell’s.

We have some exciting rewards which we’ll be announcing soon – watch this space!

If you could help by publicising our Crowdfunder, sharing with your contacts or being an early pledger we’d love to hear from you. Email Marie or Kevin on heritage@stsidwells.org.uk. Please the start date has been changed from April 4th to April 6th.