Sushi rolls

The Sidwell Street Cookery School


10 July 2021


12:00 pm

In this relaxed cookery class you will learn how to master the art of sushi rolls with Japanese food specialist Celia Plender. After taking you through the steps of how to prepare perfect sushi rice, from washing to cooking, cooling and seasoning, you will learn to make three different kinds of sushi roll – Futomaki (thick rolls), hosomaki (thin rolls) and uramaki (inside out rolls). Celia will also show you how to make miso soup from scratch, including the dashi stock soup base. There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss Japanese cuisine and culture while preparing the different dishes and you can eat what you make as we go along or take it home to enjoy later. Vegetarian and vegan sushi fillings and soup stock ingredients will be available as well as fish.  

Bio: Celia Plender worked as head chef of a London sushi restaurant (Feng Sushi) before moving to Japan to learn more about the art of Japanese cookery. She has written extensively about Japanese cuisine including regular reviews for Time Out London Magazine, where she was assistant editor from 2012-15. As an anthropologist, she has also researched the history and culture of Japan and its cuisine. She has taught people from the age of four to 98 how to make sushi rolls!   

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