St Sidwell's Community Centre

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St Sidwell’s is a small charity that works hard to support the local community and to encourage participation and civic engagement. We want to help make Exeter a better place to live for everybody and a lot of our work focuses on providing opportunities for people facing barriers and disadvantage. Participants in our Volunteering and Work-Placement Programme last year included people with learning disabilities, people with a history of mental ill-health, ex-offenders, people with a history of drug and/or alcohol dependency, the homeless and people seeking to improve their English language skills.

At St Sidwell’s everyone works together.

We manage to make a little money go a long way but small charities like St Sidwell’s need your support. Your donation can help us to provide vital support to people who really need it.

A donation of
will pay for 2 nutritious meals for someone in need

freshly cooked meal

A donation of
will buy tools and seeds for our volunteer-maintained, city centre community vegetable garden

A donation of
will pay for two one-to-one sessions to support someone trying to make a transition in their life

volunteers working on new benches in the grounds of st sidwells

A donation of
will pay for us to run a 10 hour cookery course for a group of people with learning disabilities, or a group of local school children

One of the advantages of small, grassroots charities like St Sidwell’s is that our overheads are kept low; whatever amount you donate and whether you decide to make a one-off donation or to set up a direct-debit, you can be sure that the money will be used for the benefit of local people and the local community. 

Thank you for your support