We believe that heritage can make a positive contribution to local community life.

Most of Sidwell Street, including our Community Centre, was rebuilt in the 1950s after the destruction of the street in the 1942 Blitz. However, belying its shabby 1950’s architecture, Sidwell Street has a long and rich history, dating back some 2000 years. Similarly, though our community centre is now an independent, entirely secular charity, there have been a total of 4 churches on the site, the first of which was built more than 1000 years ago.

two stone carved statues

Our heritage work aims to raise awareness of this rich, but largely forgotten history. By developing local projects and putting on events and displays, we

  • provide opportunities for people from all backgrounds to learn about heritage and get actively involved
  • build a stronger and more positive identity for the area
  • bring people together to develop a shared understanding of the unique cultural identity of Sidwell Street 
  • attract new visitors
  • create a legacy of heritage information and displays