picture of the cafe counter displaying the home made cakes.

Sid’s cafe aims to serve good quality, locally-sourced, nutritious and delicious food that’s also extremely good value for money.  It is run by qualified staff and much of the produce is grown in our garden or is surplus donated from local supermarkets.

Sid’s Café is more than just a café: every time you eat in Sid’s Café you are also helping to support our inclusive work experience and training programmes.

Sid’s café is a micro-community and an inclusive training centre where our volunteers and work-placements produce and serve food under the guidance off our qualified chef/trainers.

Through the cafe many grow in confidence, gain work experience and increase their likelihood of gaining employment. And if on occasion the service may be quirky or not be instant, we trust that the warmth and contributing to the wider good will more than compensate.

If you want to find out more about what we do, or are interested in getting involved yourself, please talk to George.